Can people stop by the shop to see production?

Of course! We encourage customers to stop by and see how each product is made. Call/text 512-566-4201 to schedule a time to come out. Please note, not all products are kept in stock.

Does KANDO offer Military discounts?

Yes, it is 5% for retired and active members. We appreciate what the men and women do to protect this country. Email us proof of service and we will send back the discount code. 

Does my grill come ready to cook?

Yes, our products come completely assembled. Our grills have vegetable oil applied upon purchasing. To properly season grill, set to 275 degrees and allow cook time. This should take around 2 hours. *none of our grills contain paint or chemicals inside the chamber*

Can I return my KANDO product?

Please contact us to review a return. All shipping or transportation costs will be paid for by customer. Certain refunds will be given when item is returned, in its original form.  

What is the max temperature the grills can reach?

400 degrees F is the max cabinet air temperature with the drip cap in place. Direct grilling surface temperature reaches 500 degrees (drip cap removed).

What is the best way to avoid a 'burp' at startup? 

A 'burp' is referred to as a smoke build up that occurs inside the grill while pellets are trying to ignite. This can cause the hinge on the door to blow off. The main cause of this is moist air, moist pellets, or a fire cup that was not emptied before start up. BEST way to avoid this is when starting the grill up, have the cooking chamber door open. This will allow for all the smoke to have somewhere to escape. Once the white smoke clears, you may close the chamber door and are ready to put your food on!

What should I do if my FireBoard controller will not turn on?

First, check your electrical source. On the event your controller still does not works properly, please email sales@kandogear.com. 

What should I do if my FireBoard controller gives me an error message?

Restart controller by pressing 1 of the 3 buttons on the left side of controller for 10 seconds, this does a hard reset. Try to start up grill again. If controller is still not working after a hard reset, try checking that the AUX cord is plugged in properly. This will require taking the controller out of the bezel. Once those steps have been taken and if the controller still does not perform correctly, please contact sales@kandogear.com.

What kind of pellets should I use?

We suggest using 100% wood, premium 'oak' blended with other flavor wood. Our grills DO NOT require any sort of petroleum products to help lubricate machinery. If petroleum products are used it can create a build up of excess pellets, causing the grill to not run smoothly.

Can I use my grill without wifi and bluetooth connected?

Yes of course, your FireBoard controller will work without wifi and bluetooth. Simply press ON, set the temp and you are ready!

Can I leave pellets in my hopper?

KANDO Gear tells all their customers to please remove all pellets from the fire cup & hopper after every cook. As well as clean any excess grease. Steps are more in depth on the owner's manual.

Where should I store my pellets?

All pellets should be stored in a DRY area. Cooking with wet/moist pellets is a fire hazard. When this happens thick white smoke will occur, then, if not caught soon enough the grill will catch on fire. 

What is the average amount of pellets burned per hour?

Average pellet usage per hour is dependent on ambient temperature. The average is between 1-2lbs. per hour.

What is the minimum temperature my grill can reach?

In automatic mode, the controller allows the grill to reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit. You can manually control the controller to produce a lower temperature if need be. 

Should I turn my Lid Detection off on my FireBoard app?

Yes, when choosing to incorporate the FireBoard App, we ask that each customer TURNS OFF the Lid Detection setting. KANDO pellet grills run with a lower RPM motor, therefore this setting does not need to be on. If left on, each time the lid is opened and a temperature decrease is detected, the auger will stop running for 7 minutes. Forcing the fire to slowly go out. After the 7 minutes the auger will start again.

What type of paint goes on the grills?

All our grills get 3 coats of a high temperature wet paint on the exterior only. No part of the grill is painted on the inside. 

What to do if your controller says "Ignition Error"

  1. Empty out all pellets in hopper, fire cup and auger screw tube.
  2. Power grill off and do a complete clean of the fire cup.
  3. Check the ignitor housing, make sure there is no ash/pellets stuck inside the housing. If there is, this will reduce the amount of air traveling into the fire cup- preventing ignition.
  4. Once the grill is rid of all ash and pellets. Turn it on and press ignite. DO NOT HAVE ANY PELLETS IN THE HOPPER FOR FIRE CUP. This is to test all the components of the grill.
  5. Does the auger screw spin? Is the fire cup sitting down correctly? Does the fan blow air? Does the igniter turn red hot when heated?
  6. If the answer to all these questions is yes, then turn grill to cool down.
  7. Once grill is powered off. Place enough pellets by hand ONLY in the fire cup. Place enough to cover the ignitor housing. Then, ignite grill and start a timer.
  8. In less than 10 minutes you should start to see smoke or fire. At the end of 10 minutes, the grill will detect that no flame as happened it will automatically shut off and show “ignition error.”
  9. If you answered yes to number 5 a fire should start and now you know to clean the grill extra well when this error appears.
  10. If a fire does not start, try rebooting the controller, cleaning the fire cup out and doing the process over starting at step 7. Contact Kando at sales@kandogear.com if you are still having issues. 

Do I need to season my grill upon arrival if I have stainless steel grates? 

Yes! Every new grill should go through a seasoning process to help burn off any gunk left on from manufacturing. Set your grill at 275d F for about 2 hours then, you will be ready to go.  

Can I unpackage my grill alone? 

As we believe it IS possible to unpack and start grilling on your Kando Grill alone, it is preferred (and more fun) to have a buddy helping when getting the unit off the pallet and moved to it's preferred location. 

What type of surface can my grill move across?

When moving a KG pellet grill it is important to have a friends help. If moving across grass be sure it is dry, mud can cause the wheels to sink. Any standard gravel, concrete, or dirt should be fine. If you are needing to move your grill over a nice tile or a surface that is easily scratched, we suggest purchasing the soft wheel kit to prevent scratching.