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Terms & Conditions


I understand the cooking chamber lid must be open at start up and cool down. I understand closing the lid or cutting power when pellets have been smoldering, causing thick white smoke, can result in a chamber 'burp'. I understand the firecup must be emptied out before starting a new cook. I understand pellets should never be left in a KANDO Gear hopper OR auger screw. Pellets need to be emptied from the hopper and auger screw after every cook and a fresh batch should be added for every new cook. I understand that wet/moist pellets should never be used for fuel on a KANDO Gear pellet grill. I understand a KANDO Gear grill should never be used if there is water in the firecup or hopper. I understand that wet/moist pellets can be products of unforeseen external environmental conditions such as: rain, hail, snow, air moisture, etc. I understand the front door/side door should never be opened when grill is on or during cool down process. I understand that a grease pan not properly cleaned out can result in black smoke or a grease fire which can cause serious injury to myself and others. I understand that cutting power during a cook can cause issues to not only the grill controller but for future cooks. I understand that adding any pellets by hand into the firecup (priming) is unsafe and not recommended by KANDO Gear. I understand keeping the damper closed while the grill is on can compromise the airflow and performance of the KANDO Gear grill.



Products may be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase.

Returns/exchanges must be in original condition with no defects. Product must be properly cleaned before returning. There should be no sign of usage. ALL components given with purchase are to be included in return, this includes all FireBoard products. Buyer is responsible for any shipping costs.

All sale items are FINAL sale and are NOT available for refund/exchange.

Gift cards are FINAL sale and non-refundable. 

KANDO Gear reserves the right to refuse a refund or exchange any products received that are not in its original condition or outside the 30 day return period.

If you would like a return or exchange, please email: sales@kandogear.com

All canceled orders placed are subject to no penalty fee, if canceled within 3 business days of placing order. Orders needing to be canceled after the 3 day period will result in a 10% penalty fee, taken from the overall price of the unit. KANDO will hold your grill for 5 days after completion. We will email you to schedule pick up time if picking up in the warehouse. If we have not received a response after the fifth day your grill will be given to the next person, with no refund.

Only payments KANDO Gear accepts online are Affirm, Shop Pay, credit card, debit card and PayPal. In person forms of payment we accept are credit card, debit card and cash only. KANDO Gear does not accept checks.

KANDO Gear reserves the right to modify or change any terms and conditions at any time. The terms and conditions are the customers responsibility to review often. KANDO Gear also reserves the right to modify or change the physical grill design at any time as seen necessary.  Effective date: June 15, 2022.

All rules, regulations and instructions are clearly stated inside the owner's manual. 

KANDO Gear is a product line of KAM FAB, LLC. KAM FAB, LLC is not liable for injury or death. 

KANDO Gear is not responsible for grease fires that can occur during, before or after cooks. KANDO Gear highly recommends customer to clean the drip pan often and right before removing the drip cap.  


KANDO Gear allows custom grills to be built while holding the integrity of our base model, the Champ. All grills will be based off this build and go for a rate of $175/hr + material. We require a minimum $5,000 total cost for manufacturing any customization of grills.

KANDO Gear has the right to refuse any custom request based on abilities and time allotted. More information regarding custom work please sales@kandogear.com.