Shipping Policy – KANDO Gear

Shipping Policy

After your order has left the KG warehouse, the shipping company will contact you to schedule a time to drop off your delivery. It is extremely important to provide your main contact number at the time of purchase. Remember, these units are HEAVY. They are best taken off the pallet and moved to their preferred location with at least 2 people assisting. If moving across grass, be sure it is dry, mud will cause the wheels to sink. Any standard gravel, dirt, or hard flooring should be perfectly fine with the help of a friend! Give us a call if you have any concerns. 

All of our freight products ship on standard pallets (see below photo). Your item(s) will be shipping on a pallet because most products that ship freight are either too heavy or too large dimensionally for ground shipment. All shipments will require access for a semi-truck to deliver. If you live in a limited access area or outside of the delivery area, it may be necessary to pick your product(s) up at the nearest freight terminal.  KANDO Gear is not responsible for shipping costs on merchandise not delivered because of a shipping company's inability to reach a particular location. KANDO Gear will not be responsible for additional fees or compensate for deliveries. Buyer is responsible.

Please note: KANDO Gear ONLY ships out on MONDAYS & TUESDAYS

A lift gate is necessary, all shipments will include a lift gate to get the unit off the truck. A lift gate platform is installed at the rear of the truck to allow for an easier transition from truck to ground. The driver will take your delivery off the truck, but it is your responsibility to bring it onto your property. Then, please take a few minutes to examine the exterior of your package for any visible damage. You should unpack your item at the time of delivery in the driver’s presence. In the unlikely instance that you recognize damage, remember to note it on the Proof of Delivery (POD) slip that you’ll receive from the driver. Take photos of the noted damage and email them to us at Once you sign the POD, you are accepting ownership of the freight in its current condition. KANDO Gear is not responsible for any damages not noted on the POD. When rolling your grill off the provided pallet, you will need a drill and T25 torq to unsecure the wheels properly. 

KANDO Gear does not provided a personal delivery service. Our products are to be shipped via freight that we schedule or that the customer schedules. Alternative option is to pick up at our warehouse location: 1941 FM 20   Red Rock, TX  78662.