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America's Gear


KANDO is THE American made cooking gear manufacture. We are not your average fit in-a-box, replace in a year company. Our entire team has worked to create products that can withstand, be error-free and of the utmost quality for customers. KANDO Gear is tired of seeing other companies make a buck with nothing but imported products that are lacking in originality. We take a lot of pride in our products and hope that our customers do to.

We see the importance of providing knowledge to customers about understanding which materials are safe to cook food on. KANDO cares about its current, past and future customers, by staying customer focused not transaction focused. Our customers are the reason KANDO Gear is successful and continues to push to make an awesome American made product.


Have you tried google searching for American made products? How hard is it to find an American made- not assembled, but made in America product? Pretty hard. KANDO Gear started with a drive to want to see more manufacturing companies in the USA succeeding with a product that solved a problem for people. We did not want to use shortcuts. We wanted the best bang for your buck. A reliable product. The idea is to have a product that users can be proud to own and see that feeling trickle into all aspects of their lives.  To be proud of not only what you cook on, but of how you live your life. Remember when presented with the opportunity to buy foreign or American, always buy American.