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KANDO Gear's boiler is constructed with an all stainless steel tub and heavy-duty steel frame. This has a 80-quart capacity and can hold up to one bag of crawfish.  The boiler contains wheelbarrow like movements with handles and two rigid caster wheels. Dumping is convenient with the included stainless steel basket. Dump the basket straight off into the cooler or take it completely out. 

  • 1 jet burner made from all stainless-steel machined in house
  • 16g stainless-steel tube
  • all welded tube frame

 Why buy KANDO? 

Stainless steel is the main reason why this boiler is better than what is at the big box stores. When using aluminum as a boiling pot, trace amounts enter your food. KANDO's pot and basket are made of stainless steel only. The lid design incorporates the handle into the hinge, acting as a stiffener for the lid. The jet burner is machined from solid stainless bar stock and the pot is covered by a wind guard to speed up boil times. Customers have tested KANDO boilers side by side others, and ours wins every time for cleanliness, user ability and overall cook.